Will FIFA 17 have FIFA Street mode?

Earlier this month, EA promised that they are planning a major leap forward for FIFA 17 and this has spur many ideas and features that might be included in the EA’s next big seller.

There is a huge FIFA community that consists of YouTubers, Pro Players and not to mention the normal fans. There was a huge response towards what might be EA’s next big plan to make the game more exciting.

Will FIFA 17 have FIFA Street mode?

Will FIFA 17 have FIFA Street mode?

A fan on Twitter suggested that FIFA Street should be added to in FIFA’s next edition. There were many retweets to the post as well as tons of comments both supporting and against the idea. Today, we will discuss about the possibility of FIFA Street in FIFA 17.

We know that EA Sports always strives to improve their games. They have always given thought to new ideas and wishes but not all of them have been fulfilled. The last FIFA Street game was released back in 2012 but EA Canada as FIFA Street 4 but the gaming masterclass decided to discontinue the game series.

It is hard to believe that EA will be bringing back FIFA Street anytime soon. The developer are always looking for ways to make the game more realistic and adding a FIFA Street mode would completely go against that.

Also, the cost of adding a new mode with new FIFA Street players/ 5 a side football players would create a big risk for EA Sports.

But, we have a silver lining. EA has promised us a great leap forward, meaning we can expect a big new feature in FIFA 17.

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