What is FIFA 17 Skiller’s Journey Career Mode?

FIFA 17 is due to release a few months from now and it’s about time that we check out all the rumors linking the game with new features and additions. We try our best to authenticate these rumors and ideas.

FIFA 17 Skillers Journey

FIFA 17 Skillers Journey

Konami PES is the biggest rival to FIFA games. With hopes of beating the competition in sales and gameplay, EA Sports looks into every new pitched idea and features and try to add as many as possible. But, here we are not talking about all the minor changes like new logo or change in loan clause. We are talking about a completely new Career Mode showcase.

A famous FIFA YouTuber Lokelani pitched in this idea. He said that many of us are avid supporters of all 5 star players like Neymar, Nani, Ribery and Ronaldo etc. This mode would challenge super goals with skills leading up the finish.

He believes that this will appreciate the 5-star gameplay and the star skilled players in all its glory.

 Here is Lokelani’s video about FIFA 16 Skiller’s Journey Goal Compilation. Check this out and comment if you want to see this made official in FIFA 17.


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