Top 5 Weird FIFA 17 Wishlist on the Internet

FIFA games generate tons of hype before it is released. They tend to make people crazy as they wait for the game to come out. There are tons of good and considerable FIFA 17 Wishlist for the upcoming game. However, there are tons that are straight up risible. Here are some of those.

FIFA 17 Wishlist

FIFA 17 Wishlist: Ideas that may not happen

1. Indoor 6 a side mode

Anyone remembers FIFA 97? Six a side football was the highlight of the game and the street rules were applied to this mode. It was one of the most popular mode in FIFA history but has been forgotten by many.

FIFA 17 will be EA’s twenty-fifth year anniversary of the game. The fans are expecting some sort of celebration and won’t it be the perfect way to acknowledge the achievement made by FIFA series. According to Reddit user HealthyBacteria, this makes perfect sense. He claims to miss playing the six a side mode in his old PS2.

But, what is our verdict? We do not believe that EA is going to go for it. I mean there is no place to add this mode in the next gen version. It could, however, be added as a FIFA 17 Training drill.

2. Take your shirt off celebration

This has been a huge FIFA wishlist over the years. Professional football players celebrate by taking their shirts off and we understand the hype of that. However, it breaks FIFA (the actual organization) rules and the player gets a yellow card.

It would be fun. But I believe that gamers will overdo it. If we get this celebration in FIFA 17, I will be celebrating like this all the time. Won’t you?

So, I think EA is not going to add this to the game. Besides, if your goal scorer is alreadbooked and getting a red for this FIFA celebration would be absurd.

3. Crowd intrusion

This happens in real life. Not in major leagues but is many other top league around the world. Adding this feature would make the game more realistic but it is of no use.

I mean, what will the intruder will do? And how will the player respond? Also, will the game be paused? Imaging that you are going to score and a pitch intruder steals the ball right off your feet. How pissed will you get?

So again, I don’t think that this is going to be added in FIFA 17 feature list.

4. Kit upgrades after season

FIFA is released in September or October and the major league across the world starts from July. The game lasts for one whole year but the leagues do not. So after a year the teams probably have a new kit but the kits in the game are the same.

I am among the one who is annoyed by this. But, there is very less possibility that EA will fix this. But, they should. It is fairly simple. During winter player upgrades, a new DLC is sent via a game update. This could be easily done for the kits and stadiums.

However, a problem emerges when the game is not update. If an un-updated game plays online verses an updated game, there will be error since the old game will not have the new kit. Do you have any solution for this?

5. Manager Philosophy

What we mean by manager philosophy is that, a change in the manage of a team changes the gameplay of the side. For example, the Louis van Gaal effect in Manchester United. The Dutchman has changed United counter attack gameplay into slow and building gameplay.

However, we believe there won’t be any such change in FIFA 17. There is barely any player philosophy in the game, Manager Philosophy is far from it.

EA could experiment this in FIFA Manager Games. They have discontinued the series but testing beta for FIFA 17 could be amazing.

Bonus FIFA Wishlist:

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6. Street FIFA

Remember the Street FIFA game. It would be a sweet addition to FIFA 17 modes but we know is not going to happen. Besides, the developers are different. So there goes any last ray of hope.

7. All Consoles Unite

This is a gaming fantasy; that players from all consoles could play online against each other. There would be so many problems with this that I cannot even begin to start.

What other crazy FIFA 17 Whislist do you have? Comment Below

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