SHOCKING: FIFA 17 Cover Star Leaked?

It has been told to us that FIFA 17 will be officially announced in the upcoming EA Play Event which is going to be held in June 12, 13 and 14. This event which is going to be held in LA and London will reveal all the pending EA games for the fall.

As for FIFA 17, all the official news regarding the release date, official gameplay trailer and cover of the game will be revealed.

Today, we will discuss the possibility of top players making it into the cover of the bestselling EA game and look into the alleged leaked FIFA 17 Cover Star.

A high quality image claiming to be the final candidates for FIFA 17 cover star hit the net a few days ago. The image revealed the potential stars and they look pretty legitimate but we figure anyone can edit a pic with an EA logo.

FIFA 17 Cover Star

Who will be FIFA 17 Cover Star

The cover image features James Rodriguez from Real Madrid, Marcos Reus from Borussia Dortmund, Anthony Martial from Manchester United and Eden Hazard from Chelsea.

The image does not feature Lionel Messi and we have a reason for that. EA and Messi apparently are on bad terms as the five times World Player of the Year demanded more from the club. EA hated such greed and are looking for someone else to feature in FIFA 17.

Let’s look at each players individually and talk about their possibility making into the biggest football game in video game industry.

James Rodriguez

The Real Madrid midfielder did not have the best season but looking him from EA’s point of view, we can see a young player who could be the face of FIFA for years. The youngster is full of potential and is a big name when it comes to football. The odds of James Rodriguez being the face of FIFA 17 are real good.

Marco Reus

The Loyal German, Marco Reus had a pretty good season. He stood by his club and lead his side to the German Cup final and second place in German Bundesliga. The left midfielder however did not make it into Euro 2016 squad. It puts EA is a difficult place if they were planning on placing him on the next FIFA cover.

Anthony Martial

The Manchester United star for 2015/16 season coped with all the pressure and showed his full potential in his debut season. We do not see him as the next face for FIFA but should EA plan on creating regional cover stars like last year, Martial could star in an England/France cover.

Eden Hazard

Hazard had a very poor season this term but he showed some improvement towards the end. The co-star in FIFA 15 cover, Hazard, is unlikely to be featured again considering his poor season.

EA are also planning on visiting E3 conference so if they do not reveal all the information on EA Play, we will get them on E3 which begins on 14th of June.

Who do you think will be in the covers of FIFA 17? Comment




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