PES 2017 ‘New Features’ will make it better than FIFA 17?

The release of the next Pro Evolution Soccer or PES has been finally confirmed by the brand manager Adam Bhatti. He revealed that the game will be released across all major platform that included PC, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and one and a few hand hold consoles.

When is PES 2017 Release Date ?

The game developers have branded their new release as the changed version of all their previous games. In contrary to their previous installation, PES 2016, the game this year will be smoother rather than having a fast game play.

PES 2017 ‘New Features’ will make it better than FIFA 17?

PES 2017 ‘New Features’ will make it better than FIFA 17?

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PES 2017 focuses on CONTROL REALITY, it’s also their tag line for the year.  The website page of PES says that the new features are Precise Passing, Corner Kick Strategies, Natural Player Movement and Real Touch. (Read more about these features here)

However, we believe that these features were already there in FIFA 16. It is only possible for EA to enhance them and beat Konami in the football video game market. Konami lost a ton of their followers when they changed their slow gameplay to a more FIFA like fast game.

It seems that they are bringing the slower gameplay feature back in PES 2017 in hopes of getting even in the gaming industry.

FIFA 17 vs PES 2017? Which game will you be buying? Comment

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