Nintendo Leak confirm FIFA 17 will be available in Nintendo NX

There have a ton of rumor circling the web about the supposedly leaked new Nintendo console. We are living off the hear-say and there is everything there is to it; we do not any single shred of evidence to support any of it.

But, there are tons of rumors, many backed up by high ranked personalities in the gaming industry. One of the first and major rumor about Nintendo NX had an eight gigabyte of RAM. However, the newer rumors suggest that Nintendo NX will be powered with 12 GB of RAM.

FIFA 17 Nintendo NX

FIFA 17 Nintendo NX is confirmed according to rumors

The second major rumor was concerning the game ports. It is suggested that at least four Wii U Ports will be added to the NX console.

The latest rumor/leak suggest the games being worked for Nintendo NX are leaked. And, FIFA 17 is one of them. EA Sports have already been notified and they have developers looking into it. This might mean EA will cut ties with older Nintendo Consoles.

Everything We know about Nintendo NX

Other games leaked for NX are Battlefield 5, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Mass Effect, Dragon Quest, Super Mario and Zelda.

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