How to score free-kicks in FIFA 17?

Your prior knowledge of FIFA 16 are bit of futile in new FIFA 17 as most of the set pieces including scoring free kicks have been completely reworked. This means it is necessary to learn how to score free-kicks in FIFA 17, if you aim to score as before.

How to score Free Kicks in FIFA 17

How to score Free Kicks in FIFA 17

In this article, to help you the best, we have covered some of the best ways to score free kicks. Nevertheless, in order, you require plenty of practices before you actually commence in scoring every kicks taken.

How to score free-kicks in FIFA 17

Curl Free Kick

The curl free kick lets you aim roughly one yard outside for goal post. Use two bars of power and use left analog stick toward the goal with the 45 degrees up push.

Dipping Free Kick

To able to Dip Free Kick, just aim between the heads of two defenders. Then, use one or two bars of power with Left analog stick up.

Dipping Power Free Kick

Simply use left analog stick while aiming for the hole between the defenders. Manage to get between 3 & 3.5 bars of power, hold L1 and press up as you shoot on the left analog stick.

Well, these three tips, we believe may solve your intrigue on how to score free-kicks in FIFA 17. Enjoy and keeping scoring in different ways.

FIFA 17 FREEKICK Tutorial Here:


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