How to get FIFA 17 Early Access for Free?

We have a technique that will allow you to get EA Access for free. EA Access allows you to play FIFA 17 earlier than everyone for ten hours.

Access is only available for Xbox One so that is a bummer of some of the player out there. Hope Sony adds PlayStation 3 EA access support.

FIFA 17 Early Access

How to play FIFA 17 Early Access for free?

What is EA Access?

EA Access is a service by Microsoft Xbox One which allows EA games to be played early and also gives you access to a vault of EA Games called EA games.

The EA Vault has games like Titan Fall, FIFA 16, Madden 15, NBA Live and Plants vs Zombies among others. EA Access costs 5 dollar per month or 30 dollar per year but you only want to play FIFA 17 along with other new releases for 10 dollars for two month.

Access also will give you ten percent discount to all the new games when purchasing.

But how to play FIFA 17 free of cost?

1). Buy a month of EA Access for $5

2). Preorder FIFA 17 with Microsoft Xbox One and get a ten percent discount (you will save six dollars). Save a dollar when purchasing from Xbox Store. (7$ so far which beats the $5 for EA Access)

3). Now you have FIFA 17 and EA Access to play before everyone else. Start to manage FUT and start using the Web app until the EA Access release date.

4). Just return FIFA 16 to GameStop for $16 and sell your FUT coins online to save even more.

Are you looking forward to EA Access to play FIFA 17? Comment

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