FUT Web App Release Date & Details for FIFA 17

Aren’t we all excited for FIFA 17? But, there are some of us that only wants to play the next FUT in the latest FIFA 17. To all of those like me, there’s one thing we can’t wait for; the FUT Web App

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What new features do you want to see in the upcoming FIFA Ultimate Team

The FIFA Ultimate Team web application will be available to us all soon but what are the specific dates? And what new features will the new FUT app have? Also, How to use the FUT Web App?

We will answer each of these questions and prepare your for the FIFA 17 FUT Web App.


FIFA 17 Ultimate Team FUT App Release Date

When will FUT Web App launch online?

FUT Web App Release Date

What is FUT Web App Release Date?

No one except for the game developers can confirm the release date of FUT 17 Release Date. However, as we have predicted before, there is a certain pattern on how EA does its work. We can close down on the release date of FUT 17.

According to the past release dates of FUT Apps and all the other parts of the game, we predict that FUT Web App for FIFA 17 will be released by 20th of September, 2016.


How to Get and Access FUT App for FIFA 17 game

You will be given an early start to manage your FIFA Ultimate Team if you are a returning gamer. Gamers who have played FUT in FIFA 16 and have set the security question will be get an access to FUT Web App.

FIFA 17 Web App Tips

FIFA 17 Web App Tips

If you have pre-ordered FIFA 17 but it’s your first time using the FUT web app, then you should play the game first in the console before using the web app. The games on consoles will only be released in 23rd September.

FIFA 16 Web app will be taken down for maintenance a few days before the FIFA 17 Web app is launched.

Login Verification is a must for accessing FUT Web App. Enable the setting by going to Origin> Account> Security and Login Verification. You will be contacted via an email or text to confirm your verification.

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