FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Wishlist for FIFA 17

Almost every gamer who buys FIFA plays the Ultimate Team.  FUT is one of the best feature/mode of FIFA game But, there are still tons of bugs and holes for improvement for FIFA 17 FUT.

Let’s talk about top ten demanded wishlist for the upcoming FIFA Ultimate Team for FIFA 17 game. Career Wishlist | Gameplay Wishlist

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What new features do you want to see in the upcoming FIFA Ultimate Team

  1. Adding Daily Objectives feature to the Ultimate Team would be an amazing add to FIFA 17. For example, extra coins for objectives like keeping a clean sheet for three games in a row or scoring ten goals by the same player and many others.
  1. Switching minimum and maximum price with a click of a button would save a lot of time. It annoying enough that trading is very inconvenient.
  1. Categorize filter by area/side of player. For example, searching for only Left Backs, Left Winger and Left Midfielder. Also, other filter by Skills Rating or Weak foot.
  1. There are a lot of kit classes while playing FUT Online. A third kid would do wonders to this problem if implanted in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team.
  1. Compromise Happy Hours. I mean happy hours are great but for some of us who do not trade that much it means nothing. During happy hours in FIFA 17, the coin reward should be doubled or free contract after games should be added.
  1. Improve Silver/Bronze teams by giving them more chemistry with other card types. We always see a full gold team while playing online, this might give the game a little variety since other teams will be used more.
  1. Auto List/Relist. List player two/one game before contract expiry or relist the player after the auction is over features should be implemented in the upcoming FUT 17.
  1. List multiple cards at once. Adding each card to the market is a real trouble for traders who have hundreds of cards with them. It would be an amazing improvement if the bulk adding could be categorized by price, club or position.
  1. New rewards for tournaments and leagues. We only get coins and packs after completing tournaments or winning the league. New prizes can include inform player, high rated player on loan and many more.
  2. Improve chemistry for players from same nationality. This change is a must as there is something very wrong about Steven Gerrard having more chemistry with Robbie Rogers than with Wayne Rooney.

What is your FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Wishlist for FIFA 17 Game? Comment Below

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