FIFA 18 Release Date Revealed!

So, as we have stated – our FIFA 18 release date estimate is Sept 26th 2017.

First of all, we looked back over the past 10 years of FIFA series games. We noted down the release date of each. Next we took note of the starting date for every English Premier League over the past 10 years too. Since the EPL begins before FIFA is released, we counted the number of days between the two.

        FIFA Series              FIFA release date        EPL start date           Days in between

 12 Sept 27 13th Aug 45 days
11 Sept 28 14th Aug 45 days
10 Sept 28 15th Aug 44 days
09 Oct 2 16th Aug 47 days
08 Sept 27 11th Aug 47 days
07 Sept 25 19th Aug  37 days
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