FIFA 18 Release Date Revealed!

The dust on the shelves has barely settled around FIFA 17, yet fans are already itching to know when FIFA 18 release date will be.

FIFA 17 brought us a new and very popular game mode – FIFA 17 The Journey – in which you witness the journey and rise of young, potential hopeful Alex Hunter. This intriguing addition to the FIFA series has got fans wondering, will EA Sports continue The Journey in FIFA 18?

There are a lot of questions that we do not know the answer to. But one that will attempt to try and answer will be the FIFA 18 Release Date!

To provide you with an answer to the upcoming FIFA 18 release date we have used mathematics. We have done a lot of research into the timings over the previous 10 years of FIFA release dates.


Estimated FIFA 18 release date: September 26th 2017.

possible FIFA 18 cover

Messi shows us a possible FIFA 18 cover

Want to know how we came to this estimation?

All the answers are in the next pages.

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