FIFA 18 Manchester Untied: Best Man Utd Players To Keep

It may be hard figuring out which players to keep in your team, and which players to sell in FIFA 18 career mode.

This is why we are going to create a serious of articles helping you figure out which players are worth keeping. We will look at all the players in-depth, from their starting overall rating, to their potential growth rating, age and abilities. And with all this information, we can provide the best informed decision if a player is worth keeping, or selling – and when to sell.

FIFA 17 Manchester United

FIFA 17 Manchester United career mode

We are very experienced here at with FIFA 17, and only provide this information based on our own understanding and experience with playing these teams in FIFA 17 career mode.

Let us begin with the Manchester United players in FIFA 17 career mode.



David De Gea

FIFA 17 de gea

FIFA 17 Career Mode David De Gea

Manchester United’s main man between the post’s is definitely worth keeping. The Spanish International can grow into a formidable GK, and one of the best in the world. Do you best to keep this man happy.

Sergio Romero

FIFA 17 romero

FIFA 17 Career mode Romero

At the age of 29, Romero is by no means old for a GK, but he lacks any potential growth. He is an excellent back up GK, so for this reason we advise holding on to him for a few seasons. It might be worth looking for an alternative FIFA 17 GK in season 3 or 4.

Sam Johnstone

FIFA 17 johnstone

FIFA 17 Career mode Manchester United GK Johnstone

Johnstone is never going to be number 1 choice in your FIFA 17 career mode for Manchester United. His overall potential is too low, and his potential growth rating still won’t put him as a real contender. Advised to sell.

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