FIFA 17 VS PES 2017: Full Comparison (Which game is better?)

All league battles have finished and now its time for the next big battle footballers and gamers across the world wait for all year long – the battle of Konami and EA. The battle is fierce as both game companies look to create the best game-playing experience for followers around the globe. The two gaming giants are set to release their big football games late in September this year.

FIFA 17 Vs PES 2017

FIFA 17 Vs PES 2017


The paramount force that drives a gamer to one of either games is the gameplay of that game. Both games are set to have gamechanging(pun-intended) features added as the first battle of the 2016/17 campaign kicks off between Konami and EA. While Pro-evolution soccer looks mostly to carry on with what went right with the previous edition and amend what didn’t, FIFA is bringing a lot of new stuff to the show.

EA Sports are bringing about a range of new changes to their highly anticipated edition of the game, with the California-based gaming company aim at revolutionzing the game-playing experience. The first and the most noticable change EA is bringing to the game is in the set-pieces. With the cameras placed just behind the runner, set pieces will be a new experience to relish for the gamers this September. You also manipulate the kick-takers stance and approach to each free-kick. Throw-ins are more natural now as you can run up and down the touchline, while even executing a fake throw to misguide the opposition. The delivery of corners are enhanced as you can now aim more accurately with a reticle to aim at in the penalty area.

Physical play has also been enhanced as players can now compete in aerial challenges without jumping up for a header. Also, players can dribble and protect the ball at the same time as all jostling is handled by a single button.

FIFA 17 also comes with an improved AI where teammates don’t just run toward the goal but into open spaces as the attack builds up.

While PES 17 doesn’t as many obvious changes to the gameplay as its EA counterpart, the Konami game has brought about a number of significant improvements to the new edition. The goal-keepers in this new edition of the game are much more realistic and adept. With abilities to make sublime double saves to deny goals, Konami have made sure of answering all the ‘goal-keeping critiques’ from PES 16.

Another big addition to the Konami game is ‘adaptive AI’. This new feature in Pro Evolution Soccer means that the opposition are capable of learning the tactics and strategies being put into play. So, you won’t be able to make the same kind of move every single time, expecting to the find the ball at the back of the net.

Pro Evolution Soccer has an improved shooting with players now able to aim more accurately and shoot more powerfully from a distance. As a result, PES gamers can now expect to see the return of ‘long-range goals’ after they were almost extinct in the previous edition. Passing has also been polished in the new edition.

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