FIFA 17 vs PES 17 – FIFA 17 is best sports game

FIFA 17 VS PES 2017

Which football game is better, FIFA 17 or PES 2017?

There has always been a lot of talk about which game is the King in the football gaming community – Fifa, or Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)?

This year brings about both games new adaptation to the 2016/2017 footballing league, and the talk about what game is the best continues!

We will be going through the most important aspects that need to be considered to develop such a game, from graphics, playable modes , gameplay and much more.

The FIFA series has been around 8 years more than PES, and has largely been dominate in the developing of a virtual football leauge game.

Let us take a look at the talking points that make FIFA 17 far superior to PES 2017.

The Graphics

Manchester United - Old Trafford

The floodlights beam down to create a beautiful atmosphere in Old Trafford Stadium

EA Sports – the developers of the FIFA series have changed their graphics engine for their latest release – FIFA 17. They have swapped their previous Ignite engine to Frostbite, the same powerful graphics engine that Battlefield and Mirror’s Edge work with – and we all know how graphically spectacular they are!

The player-face features in FIFA have always been up-to-date year in year out. So, for the most part the graphic improvements are small. But when it comes to the graphics of the stadium lighting etc, the improvements are incredible!

The floodlights on each stadium now give of a beautiful glow at night across the pitch, and the replay feature now brings a much more realistic and in-depth feel to it.

EA have implemented new expressions to the players face during gameplay, and tripled the animation number too, but largely they look the same as the year before. Not many people change drastically over the course of a year!

Konami, the developers of PES, moved to the FOX engine last year in PES 2016, which allowed them to provide fans with a huge improvement to the realistic look of players. In PES 2017, this has been developed more with increased lighting efficiency, animations and stadium upgrades.

PES 2017 showcases incredible gameplay on the virtual football pitch, combined with superb player detail, however, PES does have one drawback.

PES 2017 does not quite cut or provide the same lighting visual effects that FIFA can give. It is hard to rival the Frostbite Engine. PES 2017 isn’t able to create the same atmosphere in a stadium, largely – and once again, because they do not have the official licensing to deliver the true experience.


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