FIFA 17 Update 1: New changes in Gameplay, Ultimate Team and many more


EA Sports just released their first update for FIFA 17. The update will be across all the platform soon but it has only been launched for PC for now.

FIFA 17 Update and Patch

FIFA 17 Update and Patch

We expect there won’t be any downtime for this update. However, you may have to wait a while the game updates.

This FIFA 17 Update will cover the following:

Changes in FIFA 17 Gameplay:

  1. You can cancel the clearance of the ball
  2. Penalty shootout ends earlier/late (fixed)
  3. AI attacks directly rather than playing around (major)
  4. Player overruns after performing a skill move (fixed)
  5. Chances of error from a triple tap pass (ground ball) increased
  6. Change is goalkeeper’s position from corner kicks
  7. Defending engaging with the ball rather than clearing (fixed)
  8. Header tactics from corner kicks (added)
  9. Contentious fouls cut scenes can be skipped
  10. Shooting range (improved)
  11. Air Passing (improved)

Changes in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team:

  1. FUT difficulty setting is now different from normal gameplay
  2. Gamers not forced to sub an injured player during online game
  3. Shooting and Air passing updated for FUT as well

Changes in FIFA 17 Career mode and Pro Clubs:

  1. AI will bring in the best team available rather than leaving their star in the bench.
  2. Increase in experience to get higher ratings
  3. Get exact facial expression shown in the creation suite

Other general changes in FIFA 17:

  1. Premier League broadcast package (updated)
  2. New kits for Tigre and Velez Sarsfield
  3. Goalkeeper celebrates after penalty win
  4. Different kit after half time (fixed)
  5. Overall glitch fix (attempt)

Do you still have problems with FIFA 17? Leave a comment below and it will be reported!

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