FIFA 17 Tutorials: How to score penalties in FIFA 17?

Nothing is simpler as learning how to score penalties in FIFA 17.

FIFA 17 Penalty Tutorial- how to score penalties in FIFA 17

FIFA 17 Penalty Tutorial- how to score penalties in FIFA 17

However, you might know that the penalty shootout isn’t same as done in FIFA 16. This means scoring a penalty is quite complicated and need revision than what you are used to. However, with a practice and our scoring tips, you can be ascertained to succeed in penalties that come on your way.

Tips on How to Score Penalties in FIFA 17

At first select the player with best penalties stat especially under shooting. The strong ability player will have viability to score. In the FIFA 17, the game doesn’t have accuracy or power bar, you need to figure based on direction using left analog stick and shot power on how long you press the chosen button.

In FIFA 17, you also have an opportunity to use the right analog stick. This enables to change the run up of penalty taker. Thus, you are now able to take penalties outside of your foot.

  • Try hitting lesser than your maximum power value
  • Continue with the experimentation in different angles to figure which works fine for you

All in all, these are the major tips on how to score penalties in FIFA 17, keep practicing and scoring.

Here is a video to help you more

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