FIFA 17 Tutorials: How to defend in FIFA 17?

Identical to others, learning to defend is also indispensable in playing FIFA 17. Here, taking this into consideration, we will brief on how to defend in FIFA 17. However, it is the must for you to know beforehand that to get better, you must need to make plenty of practices. SO, here are the tips to help you get better at defending.

How to defend/ not concede goals in FIFA 17?

How to defend/ not concede goals in FIFA 17?

Tips on how to defend in FIFA 17

Make use of Skill Games

To improve your defensive skills, train as much as you can in mini-games in FIFA 17. As you will begin to progress, you are then able to get better in defensive skill game section, you can also defend well.

Know players type and tactics

You can’t just strive to defend the player with attacking stat, know the defender’s type and use their strengths accordingly.

Sidestep opponent

To sidestep opponent, use L2/LT to sit back and block off the options player has. To dispose of the opponent you can also combine L2/LT with L1/LB to have AI player assist you.

Dispose opponent

To dispose of opponent, sometimes dragging center back over to left-hand side to close down the attack can work ideally fine. Since your left backtracks another player which is worth sacrificing the position.

Here’s a video to help you further!

So, these are the tips on how to defend in FIFA 17, keep trying until you can improve to do your best.


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