FIFA 17 TOTW 11 (featuring Aguero, Cavani and Hummels)

FUT 17 have revealed FIFA 17 TOTW 11 today!

As usual there is  little controversy and biased towards the bigger star names in the footballing world.

Let us take a look at the set up FUT 17 have picked, and the team they have selected for FIFA 17 TOTW 11.


FIFA 17 TOTW 11 Substitues 

FIFA 17 TOTW 11 subs

The list of FIFA 17 TOTW 11 subs

FIFA 17 TOTW 11 subs is full of immense attacking options.

Simeone scored two goals at the weekend and registered 4 shots in total on target during the match. He came away with a man of the match rating of 8.5.

West Ham United goalkeeper Randolph had a great match against Manchester United at the weekend. His performance was outstanding and helped keep his side maintain a 1-1 draw away at Old Trafford.

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