FIFA 17 Tips Youth System – Best Countries to Scout

So, you want to know the best countries to scout in FIFA 17? The countries that will bring back 90+ potential youth talent for your FIFA 17 Career mode youth system.

We have done some testing on this, and have put together an article to help you decide what countries to scout in your FIFA 17 Career mode.

Now, we must mention that this will only apply for the first few seasons in FIFA 17 career mode, once you get past the 4 season there doesn’t seem to be any country better than another to send a scout to.

Our FIFA 17 tip is to help gamers make the best decision when sending a FIFA 17 youth system scout to a country. Depending on what team you begin FIFA 17 with will determine how much money you have. With this in mind, our FIFA 17 tip is aimed to helping those teams who do not have a substantial amount of money, and can’t afford to be sending scouts to the FIFA 17 top 9 countries.

Without hesitation, let us delve into the FIFA 17 tip for youth system scouting.
We have ran this test 10 times and have 7/10 (70%) results confirming out FIFA 17 tip.

We will talk you through the tests and results that we have done.

All you will need is two youth system scouts. Send one to Asia, and one to the FIFA 17 top 9 countries.

Countries: China PR, Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia.

FIFA 17 scouting China PR

FIFA 17 Tip – youth scouting in China PR

For the sake of this exercise, let’s say we send a scout to China PR – for 3 months.

FIFA 17 Top 9 countries: Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain

We will also be sending a scout to Spain for 3 months.

FIFA 17 scouting Spain

FIFA 17 Tips – youth scouting in Spain

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