FIFA 17 The Journey (Story Mode) Tutorials

Something new and spectacular about the FIFA 17 is its addition of the Journey. In fact, the Journey is not an ordinary of its kind but a unique one.

FIFA 17 The Journey

FIFA 17 The Journey

Let’s start the FIFA 17 Journey Tutorials, and it all starts with the 17yr old guy called Alex Hunter.

FIFA 17 Journey Tutorials

Alex Hunter is the character that you will play throughout the journey. He comes from a family of footballers thus the club has a huge expectation from him.

At first upon reaching the menu section, select a club and then you are directed to a penalty shootout. Here, you net and are moved to next session where you will be signed for a Premier Club. You can select which club you would like to play for among the 20 Premier League Clubs. However, if you miss the penalty you are back to the menu. Then, you take the club to the Championship league followed by winning trophies and fame down the journey.

All in all, the gist of this article FIFA 17 Journey Tutorials is in order to play until the end of the game, you require to perform well on the pitch and assist the team to reach the top of the league.

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