FIFA 17 The Journey Tips and Cheats

The career mode of FIFA 17 circulates around the story of Alex Hunter. Your task in the overall career mode is to play as Alex Hunter and win the trophies down the road.

FIFA 17 The Journey Tips and Cheats

FIFA 17 The Journey Tips and Cheats

Here, we provide you the FIFA 17 Career Mode Tips and Cheat to assist you to win every mode along the journey. Hopefully, the below tips may come as a great help.

FIFA 17 Career Mode Tips and Cheat

Your primary goals are to maintain a good relationship with your Manager. This enables you to elongate playing tie and improve sponsorship.

In exit trails mode select the position of the Center Attacking Midfielder. As the position get involved in all the four potential positions. Likewise, strive to play safe, help teammates, protect the ball, and play football as a team game.

In the training session, train well enough to improve your relationship with teammates and manager. Any misunderstanding between you and the manager can be maintained by training hard.

When you are relegated to the Championship, complete all drills three times and train well. Just don’t simulate any training or matches, take these sessions to prove your worth.

Improve Alex skills such as stamina, passing as these are the skills that bring most influence during sessions.

These are the major FIFA 17 Career Mode Tips and Cheat; please share with us if you know besides these.


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