FIFA 17 The Journey (Story Mode) Walkthrough

FIFA 17 biggest addition, The Journey is arguably the best significant mode since the advent of Ultimate Team. In the journey, you will play as 17yr old, Alex Hunter with an ambition to win next trophy.

FIFA 17 The Journey Walkthrough

FIFA 17 The Journey Walkthrough

In FIFA 17 The Journey Walkthrough, you begin with the selection of your favorite club in the pre-game menus.

FIFA 17 The Journey Walkthrough

Since the entire game is a story mode, you gradually walk along the game. You won’t straight away begin to play in the Premier League Club. You begin with the penalty shootout then play in an unnamed academy. Here, you have to impress a scout if you are to land on the top rank. After successful completion of the prior games, you are approached by an agent to play for Premier League Cup. Here, you can choose from any of 20 Premier League Clubs.

Then you will head off for the first training session, to play the first game on tour, a start of the season followed by the big money signing. Then you will meet new teams few familiar face. Likewise, there are more such as you will then be recalled to big leagues, enjoy the sponsorship deals and eventually help the team to win the next Premier League Trophy.

Well, these are a continuous progression of the game, and brief of FIFA 17 The Journey Walkthrough. Nonetheless, you need to understand is in the game you will have to follow a series followed by another. Just, not to lose as you will be sent back to the initiation.


FIFA 17 The Journey Walkthrough Part 1:

FIFA 17 The Journey Walkthrough Part 2:

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