FIFA 17 The Journey Ending

FIFA 17 The Journey Ending

FIFA 17 new game mode The Journey has had FIFA fans hooked since day one of its release.

Here at, we feel it is only right to delve into this journey and take you with us. We all know the buzz around the fictional football character Alex Hunter, and his aim to rise in football ratings during FIFA 17 The Journey.

So what does it all build up to? What is the FIFA 17 The Journey ending?

Let’s delve in and explore this wonderful creation together.


The Final Day

The Final Day in FIFA 17 The Journey takes place at Wembley Stadium. Alex Hunter and his team mates have made it to the FA Cup final – all their hard work and training has finally paid off.

Alex Hunter has the chance to do something his grandfather couldn’t – list the FA Cup.

Alex Hunter FIFA 17

Alex Hunter at Wembely Stadium in FIFA 17 The Journey

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