FIFA 17 Story Mode: What we know so far about “The Journey” so far..

EA Sports have announced a Story Mode for their bestselling video game franchise as they called the mode The Journey in the ongoing E3 Conference.

FIFA 17 Story Mode - The Journey

A press release was announced before the conference even began which revealed FIFA 17 The Journey, Gameplay Features among many other things.

What we know about FIFA 17 Story Mode aka The Journey so far…

  1. Essential Frostbite Engine

FIFA 17 will use Forstbite engine; meaning that the game will have a high quality render and gameplay. It will not fail to deliver best framework and animation which is essential for a good Story Mode.

The downside to this may is that it may hamper PC players. Your normal graphics card might not support the game. EVGA GeForce GTX 960 or MSI GAMING GTX 960 would be perfect for FIFA 17. You can change your gaming set up as well. We recommend Cyber Power PC  or SkyTech Archangel

 2. Manager Faces

Previous FIFA games were criticized for not having authentic manager faces. As we saw from the Journey Trailer several manager like Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola have brilliant game face at least in the Premier League.

We do not know if it’s for the Story Mode only or the whole game, the managers are going to be furious when they get their game plan wrong.

 3. Is Story Mode only for Premier League?

Alex Hunter FIFA 17Alex Hunter FIFA 17 Story Mode

The official announcement on EA Sports website reads as Experience Life in the Premier League. There are no signs so far about the clubs outside the Premier League in the FIFA 17 Story Mode. It would be a bummer if we couldn’t move to Manchester City after a successful season at Arsenal.

 4. Who is Alex Hunter?

FIFA 17 Alex Hunter

Who is Alex Hunter in FIFA 17 Story Mode?

5. Do I get to create my own character in the Story Mode?

We do not know yet. What we know for sure at this time is that Alex Hunter will be your first story mode character. We think that you will be able to choose from multiple Premier League clubs to begin your journey.

6. Adaptive Story Mode

Your performance will be impact your game play in the pitch. Your every movement, every decision will be used by the game engine to affect your unique story. Even out of the game time line would change your life in the FIFA 17 Story Mode.

 7. Authentic Story

EA Sports hired a tons of real players and writers to get an authentic story. David Beckham’s book writer Tom Watt to Reece Oxford from West Ham they were working with EA to get the story right.

This means that your experience in the Premier League will be as real as it can get. Your world in the Story mode will be influenced by real players, personalities, game location and events.

The players involved in the development of this new mode.

  • Harry Kane
  • James Rodriguez
  • Marcos Reus
  • Anthony Martial
  • Eden Hazard
  • Dele Alli
  • Marcos Rashford
  • Reece Oxford


Watch the Story Mode Trailer for FIFA 17

This is first major risk EA has taken in years. Last year, they introduced Women’s FIFA which was not considered a risk as the female gamer are of less proportion.  This time however, the stakes are high.

Be a Pro Mode is one of the least successful mode on FIFA series. The main reason behind the failure of Pro Mode is it’s being a single player with one controller at a time. And, this will return in the Story Mode.

Are you excited for FIFA 17 Story Mode? Comment

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