FIFA 17 Story Mode is a probability: EA hires new developers for new mode.

FIFA 17 might have a story mode according to various sources as EA Sports have placed a job listing for employees who would be needed to create Story Mode in FIFA 17.

FIFA 17 Story Mode

FIFA 17 Story Mode is a probablity

FIFA 17 Story mode would be an amazing addition to the best sports video game series ever.

EA Sports FIFA modes are great and all but there are still places for improvements and new inclusions. They still have a new way to commercialize the game even more than they do with FUT and FIFA points. FIFA Ultimate Team was the last huge addition to the team and its development over the years has certainly made it the most played mode of the game. But, we can expect an even greater change/addition of a mode. A Story Mode.

There is no certain proof that EA is going to add Story Mode in FIFA 17 but we have gathered some evidences that they are at least looking into it.

A job listing was posted in EA website for a gaming cinematics designer. The job listing read as ‘The Cinematic Designer is expected to work closely with the Narrative Director, Cinematics Director, Producers, Art Directors and the senior designers to realize the feature’s vision.’

Read the full Job offer here

Want to apply for the job?  Refer the bottom of the post.

FIFA 17 Story mode would be an amazing addition to the best sports video game series ever. We have proof that EA are adding new modes to FIFA 17. Find out what they are?

This means that there is more than a probability that the highly expected game mode can be included in the game which will be released in September. However, there is a probability that the job opening is just for replays, new animations, cutaways and celebrations but the way we see it, it has to be for FIFA 17 Story Mode. We will know more about the news in E3 conference which will be held in July.

NBA 2k and WWE 2k have Story mode which have given 2k franchise a long lasting support from their games and the gamers. EA supporters also want this to be included in FIFA series.

Unlock this content to view the job in EA SPORTS for  FIFA 17 Story Mode

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Job Offer -> A chance to work for EA Sports


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