FIFA 17 Story Mode aka The Journey only for English Premier Leauge

The latest fuss over The Journey has been limited as it has been revealed that the game mode is only available for English Premier League clubs.

See if The Journey is available across all the platforms?

Not only that the game mode is limited to Premier League, you only get to play as Alex Hunter.

FIFA 17 Alex Hunter

Who is Alex Hunter in FIFA 17 Story Mode?

An interview with EA’s Senior Producer Nick Channon revealed the news to us.

“Right now it’s you play as Alex Hunter and you have up to 20 Premier League teams.”

It’s clear to us that you get to choose from the Premier League only, even the Championship are not included. It seems kind of incomplete as most Premier League clubs gets it player from Championship or lower division. And too, they give their first trial with lower division clubs.

“Just in the Premier League, there’ll be a number of Premier League managers – obviously we can’t tell how many as managers tend to change”, Nick added

It is sort of upsetting that, you will not get to play for Real or Barcelona in La Liga or in Bayern in Germany.

We hope that EA will deploy DLC or updates the game next year to include more leagues.

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