Fifa 17 Ratings: Best Workaholic CM in FUT 17

Central midfield (CM) is a very crucial position in football. Domination in the midfield wins the game in most cases. It is same for the Fifa 17 game also. Domination includes possession, interception, game reading ability and the combination with both the attackers and the defenders. Defensive and attacking midfielders are also a part of the central midfield position. CM has this difficult task in every game, but they are highly under-rated. Work rate of the CM is very important to support the defense line or to supply the ball to the attackers.

We need workaholic players in our CM to support the defense and attack both. While playing FUT 17, if you are not aware of the work rates of your player, you can be in big trouble and concede unexpected goals. There are big name players like David Silva, Mesut Özil, Hatem Ben Arfa or Iniesta do not fall back while you are defending a counter attack. They do not even support the defenders. But every one of us wants them in our team and enjoy with them. Partnering them with the beast in Fifa 17 can be a great solution.

Players with high defensive and attacking work rates can make it possible. These type of players, if you have two of them in your midfield in a FUT match, you can disturb and annoy your opponents. You can make them impatient and create an instability inside them. In one sentence, you can just destroythe fluency in every sector of your opponents. Workaholic players run all the time and win the ball. They are always doing something. Marking, building, creating chances, falling back, defending and every single thing a player needs to do.

They always create an option for you being close to the ball. When you press the “player switch” button, they are ready to serve you. Everyone loves this type of players. Ramires from Chelsea and Brazil was a great example of it, but unfortunately, he moved to China last season and Fifa 17 does not have the Chinese League. He is missing from Fifa 17. But there are a lot of similar players like him which you can try.

In this list, we tried to feature the 7 best workaholic beasts in Fifa 17 you should try in FUT 17.

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