Fifa 17 Ratings: Best Pacey Attackers in FUT 17

Do you fancy yourself driving a Bugatti Veyron? Do you dream of getting past everyone and touching the finishing line? No one knows the future. But we can give you a flavor of it in Fifa 17 by pacey attackers. Pacey attackers are essential for the most of the Fifa 17 players, both in online and offline mode. We have listed 8 pacey attackers from all around the world here, by which you can destroy your opponents in FUT 17. Defenders will look like a joke when these players run. Build a decent squad around them with good chemistry and you are ready to abuse your opponent with the pace.

8. Ahmed Musa (Pace 93)

Leicester City- Nigeria

Fastest attacker in Premier League and one of the most sought after player in FUT 17. With his 93 pace and 82 dribbling, he can be a nightmare for any defence in Fifa 17.

Fifa 17 Ratings: Best Pacey Attackers in FUT 17

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