FIFA 17 Pack Purchases –  How to Get Rid of The Addiction

Yesterday, we discussed addictive game mechanics developers intentionally include into their products to get you hooked on spending real money while getting very little in return. In this article, you’ll read all about ways to drop the FIFA 17 pack addiction in no time. To be perfectly clear, we’re not saying microtransactions or buying packs is bad, only that you do it in a measured way and of your own free will, so you don’t feel regret afterwards.

The trick is very simple: those addictive game mechanics can only sink their hooks into you  if you’re not conscious of it happening. Once you understand how they work, you’ll be able to interrupt the process in its tracks. Read through the list and you’ll find out how that’s done.

Outsmart the RNG

Instead of expecting RNG to treat you with some crazy rare cards, which is addictive in itself, you should try to understand your odds. For example, if someone told you to give them $1 and they’ll give you back $0.12, you’d immediately realize it’s a bad deal.

But, in the case of FIFA 17 packs, RNG masks just how bad the deal is and makes you think there’s something awesome to be gained. For those who buy hundreds of packs at once, there is, but the average player that gets one pack a day will get sorely disappointed.

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