FIFA 17 Legends Debate: Xbox vs PS4?

The release of FIFA 17 is so close now and with that the debates about inclusion of new features across every gaming platform is being questioned.

FIFA 17 PS4 vs Xbox One

FIFA 17 PS4 vs Xbox One

The main topic of debate among different console user is about FIFA 17 Legends.

EA Sports are under contract from Xbox developers Microsoft to only keep legends in their platforms. The deal lasts at least for one another year which is around end of 2017, which means that PS4 might not have FIFA Legends until FIFA 18.

All of these news would be confirmed by E3 conference but EA have decided to skip this year’s event. However, we expect the developers to dissolve the debate around E3 with an explanation.

There are way more PlayStation users than Xbox and looking at it financially as a gaming company, they should tear up the contract with Microsoft to join hands with Sony. We do not mean that FIFA Legends should be removed from Xbox but adding PlayStation and bearing up the fines should be EA’s priority; at least that what the fans think.

The only reason players’ use Xbox for FIFA and FUT is the cheaper market rates than PS4 market.

(By Guest Writer: Tiffany Pokharel)


The other topics of debate include cover image, new leagues and FUT servers.

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