FIFA 17: How to DAB like Pogba on FIFA 17

One of the world’s most popular sport games and one of the world’s most famous celebrations – it is like a tailor-made love story.

Pogba Dab FIFA 17

Pogba Dab FIFA 17

Dabbing has gone a long way since it was first introduced to football. But actually, Paul Pogba isn’t dab pioneer. EA Sports can take a lot of credit for one of the famous and also irritating celebrations in football right now. Recent footages in twitter showed a Bayern Munich player making a dab celebration back in FIFA 2000!

Meanwhile, FIFA 17 introduced the celebration fresh again – and you could have your Paul Pogba moment within the game with a few combination of buttons.

All you have to do is hold R1 or RB and double-tap either Triangle or Y button. And dab like world’s most expensive player – and Premier League’s highest paid player.

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