FIFA 17 Gameplay Wishlist: 8 Unusual but needed changes

There are tons of changes that we want to see in the upcoming FIFA 17. First of all let’s talk about the changes that we want to see in the FIFA 17 Gameplay

FIFA 17 Gameplay whislist

FIFA 17 Gameplay Wishlist

  1. Advanced/Correct set piece takers should be able to take the set pieces. Eg: a player with weak foot should be able to take a corner with his weak foot.
  2. Develop individual skill moves during career mode. A player should be able to generate different set of skills according to his other attributes. Also, 5 Star rating for skills should be expanded into a 100 rating. (Huge Demand)
  3. While playing online, if the player is inactive for more than 1 minute the opponent should automatically win the game. Inactive opponent one of the most annoying problem of playing FIFA online.
  4. Pause abuse should be maintained. You know what I mean. Three 30 second pause is given in current games which is heavily abused when tackling or while 1v1 with the goalkeeper. Only enabling pause option when the ball is out of play is another way to resolve this issue.
  5. Increase the Daily XP to Weekly or Monthly. There are more than a few players who play a lot in a single day and rest all the other days. Daily XP level up is time consuming.
  6. There are many gamers who let the players sprint whole game. The Sprint button abuse should be fixed by game makers as it is very unrealistic. Nobody ever runs that whole team, let alone the whole team sprinting with or without the ball.
  7. The Goalkeepers should be able to save the ball from going out to prevent a corner or a throw. In latest FIFA, the keepers just let the ball roll away. They should be more spontaneous which is a good goalkeeper trait.
  8. Add Classic teams like the classis kits. Unlockable classic teams like Manchester United of 97’ and Ajax’s side of 90’s would be an amazing add to the gameplay of FIFA 17.

What are your wishlist for FIFA 17 Gameplay? Comment Below.

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