FIFA 17 FUT Best Packs To Buy

Are you a keen FIFA 17 Ultimate Team player? Chances that if you’re reading this article then you are – and you want to know the FIFA 17 best Ultimate Team packs to buy.

FIFA 17 has a range of regular Ultimate Team packs, promo packs, and free packs to get the best players for your FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. But what are the best packs to buy?

Don’t worry, we’ve got all the information you could ever want.

1 – Ultimate Champions Pack

Cards: 44/ Players: 44/ Rare: 44/ Gold: 44/ TOTW: 44

FIFA 17 FUT Champions

FIFA 17 FUT Champions Pack

For obvious reasons, this is the most sort-after Ultimate Team pack. Just imagine opening and having 44 rare, gold players who have been in the FIFA 17 TOTW. The problem is that this pack is only rewarded on a monthly basis to FIFA 17 players who have a rank of 100. So, unless you’re included in this elite force, you can only witness this pack being opened on youtube.

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