FIFA 17 Dealing with Weekend League Input Lag

Oh, the joys of playing FIFA 17 online – you never know what you’ll get yourself into until you’re up 2-0 and suddenly find yourself losing on penalties. Everything worked so fine just a moment ago and now all your players pivot with the agility and grace of an iceberg. If you’re nodding your head right now, you’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by FIFA 17 Input Lag.


This is actually a very common issue in online video games, especially those that use a server-side physics engine, such as Diablo 3. Thus, you won’t be hearing how we used to go uphill both ways through the snow – so little has changed in this regard that we’re basically stuck on the slope and being snowed in as we speak. Worse yet, there’s very little that can be changed to improve the situation. But first, let’s go through the cause(s) of Input Lag and spare your remaining hair while it’s still there.

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