FIFA 17 Curse on British Players

EA Sports FIFA is a fantastic virtually perception of the football world and it’s leagues. To be on the cover of a FIFA game is a privilege and shows that you are one of the best footballers in the world!

But it might not be something you want, especially if you are a British footballer.

Being on the cover of a FIFA game has been a horrible curse for British players over the past 8 or so years – resulting in a number of high profile injuries.

The likes of Wayne Rooney, Gareth Bale and Jack Wilshere have all featured on the cover of a FIFA game in recent history, and all have been dealt serious injuries in the following season.

Let us delve in further and see when this FIFA curse first started!



Wayne Rooney


Rooney was on the cover of FIFA 08

Rooney was in his early 20’s when he featured on the cover of FIFA 08 along side Brazilian star Ronaldinho. He deserved to be on the cover, he was establishing himself as an upcoming world class striker for Manchester United and England.

But this was not so positive as he suffered an injury to his achilles tendon that saw him put out of action for 25 days and miss 4 matches for Manchester United.

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