FIFA 17 Clubs: Fans want this relegated team in FIFA

Dundee United are having their worst season ever. They are relegated from the Premiership and to make the matter worst they were put down by their greatest rivals Dundee. This means that they are most probably not going to be in FIFA 17.

However, there are fans who want their team to stay as a FIFA 17 club. They have started a petition online to keep the club virtual. Some fans suggest that they want to take their revenge on Dundee even if it’s on FIFA.

The petition is partly successful with 88 signings already out of 100. But, we do not believe that this number of signatures will take this petition to EA’s attention.

FIFA 17 ClubsWill Dundee United be a FIFA 17 club?

The creator of this petition is Stu Vannet. He wrote “So many Dundee United fans love playing the FIFA game, it just won’t be the same without Dundee United in FIFA 17.

“Come on EA Sports do the right thing, add Dundee United to FIFA 17!”

Some fans want the whole SPFL Championship in FIFA 17. A fans, Niall Harkiss said “Just put the whole SPFL Championship in!”

There are many relegated teams that have started petition online to keep their team in FIFA 17.

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