FIFA 17 Best Free Kicks November 2016

Free kicks are a chance for everyone to score one in FIFA 17, no matter how clumsy their team is during play. This is probably the part of FIFA 17 a newbie should practice the most, as it apparently has the most randomness: a ball shot from the same position with identical power and direction will go any which way, as if it has a mind of its own.It takes a lot of practice to curl the ball just right and have it fly around the defenders and into the net consistently and using different players, but it’s an extremely satisfying way to score.

The main trick to scoring from a free kick in FIFA 17 is knowing how to give the ball enough power that it flies over the heads but not over the crossbar. There’s a lot of subtlety involved and you’re expected to have a very delicate sense of timing. While you’re honing your free-kick skills the same way CR7 did (hundreds of hours of practice), take a look at the best FIFA 17 free kicks for November 2016 by clicking through the pages.

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