FIFA 17 And How It Creates Pack Purchase Addiction

If you picked up a mobile video game in the past few years, you probably noticed that they extensively use microtransactions to finance themselves. In essence, it’s fine if items on sale are just cosmetic and don’t influence gameplay, but the majority of such games actually do have cash gates that ask you to whip out your wallet or grind for hundreds of hours to achieve the same effect.

The problem is, these game mechanics have wormed their way into many PC and console AAA video games, such as Hearthstone, CS:GO and our beloved FIFA franchise, to the point of them all essentially becoming pay-to-win. Since these games are hugely successful, we’re bound to see even more microtransactions in the coming years. But the worst part of it is, the way these game mechanics are implemented into the game makes them addictive, and that’s intentional. Click through the list to find out the three game mechanics that cause pack purchase addiction in FIFA 17.

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