EA Sports has started working on FIFA 17 Development

After successfully developing and releasing FIFA 16, Canadian Video Game giants EA Sports has begun development of FIFA 17. FIFA development is not done in just one year and many suggest that EA had already begun the development process before revealing FIFA 16 to the public.

FIFA 17 Logo


This is not a surprising thing hear that EA has started working for FIFA 17 development but we could not wait to share the news with you.

EA Officially confirmed that they have hired new ideologists and gamers to get review of FIFA 16 and other previous versions. This would help them find bugs and glitches which needs to be fixed in the new version.

Development of FIFA 16 took about 2 years says EA representative Peter Moore. He explained how it was a long process because the game core were changed and they tried to make it more realistic than ever. For FIFA 17 however, we expect no such change as it would rather be an upgrade on FIFA 16. It might take less time to develop but we expect EA to only release the game in September of 2016.

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Stay tuned for more updates and news on FIFA 17. Till then Enjoy FIFA 16 and Good Luck

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