EA Sports FIFA announced for Nintendo Switch

What can we expect from Nintendo Switch FIFA?

It has been officially confirmed that EA Sports will be launching FIFA for Nintendo Switch later this year. The game is expected to be the best sports simulation game in the history of Nintendo Console series. An announcement was made in a Nintendo Switch reveal ceremony

Nintendo Switch FIFA

Nintendo Switch FIFA


A representative from EA Sports spoke during Switch Launch event with the official announcement of EA’s involvement in the next big console launching soon this March. The game is already listed for pre-order on Amazon and other resellers with a market price of 60$. However, EA has failed to give the release date Switch.

Pre-Order FIFA for Switch

So. this raises the question of what can be expected from FIFA in Nintendo Switch?

The last FIFA game that EA Sports launched for a Nintendo console was FIFA 13 which was not so popular as it was on other consoles. EA has rebranded the game into FIFA for the upcoming Nintendo console but will it be as good as one might have hoped?

EA Sports have contracted the game for Switch for the mobile development team but the gamers are expecting it to be a better version of the current game in a mobile platform.

However, EA Sports and EA want to wait out with the development of other games until the release of the console. This has been seen as EA holding out to see if the console becomes successful or a flop like Nintendo Wii U.

Are you excited for FIFA in Switch? Did you pre-order the game?

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