Chinese Super League demands a place in FIFA 17 Leagues

Alex Teixeira moved to Jiangsu Sunning for a stunning fee of fifty million dollars. Jiangsu is a Chinese club that plays domestic football in the CSL or the Chinese Super League. With this move, the players/gamers from china have demanded that CSL be added to the next FIFA game because if EA Sports does not make this change, he will not be in the next FIFA 17 Leagues and FUT 17.

Chinese Super League demands a place in FIFA 17

Chinese Super League demands a place in FIFA 17 Leagues

We can see that there will be tons of demands from game players from Asia since many professional footballers have moved to those region. Pro players like ex-Chelsea player Ramires, ex-Londoners Paulinho and Gervinho among many others have settled in China for professional football.

There is a petition that demands at least some of the top teams of the leagues to be added if not the whole league with all the teams.

FIFA 17 Leagues Whishlist

Over the years there have been tons of new teams added in ‘Rest of the World’ section. And, since Jiangsu is a power house of Chinese League we could really see the team in FIFA 17 Leagues.

It would be a real shame if we should miss all these great player in FIFA 17. If they manage to add some of the teams, we could play them in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team or FIFA 17 Manager Mode.

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