Amazon offer 20% discount on FIFA Pre-Order for Switch

Amazon has offered a 20% discount on pre-order of EA Sports FIFA for Nintendo Switch. The biggest online marketplace Amazon will give out this offer for a limited amount of time.

Pre-Order FIFA for Swtich

Pre-Order FIFA for Swtich

Benefits of Pre-Order:

You will be able to get the game before the actual release date and play it before the pre-order from store and Nintendo itself. The item will be delivered to your doorsteps or available for online download 1 day earlier if you choose express checkout when the item becomes available.

Prime members will get 20% off the list price. Amazon has a money back pre-order guarantee meaning if the price drops before release, amazon will refund the difference to you. The shipment is free for all over the United States.

You can get the game for free if you sign up for Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card.

Game Details:

Platform – Nintendo Switch

Release Date – December 29, 2017

Game Category – Sports Multiplayer

Developer/Publisher – EA Sports

The game is currently shipped within and outside the United States. However, international shipment might get be a bit costly.

Pre-Order FIFA for Switch.

Pre-Order for Nintendo Switch console will begin soon!

Pre-Order FIFA 18 (20% off)

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